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When man cant pay for his striptease the girls take it out on his ass and cock

Ivan is drinking in a strip club when he is approached by the beautiful Anita. She offers him a lapdance and he agrees, thoroughly enjoying the show as she strips off in front of him. Unfortunately when the dance is over he realises he has no money left to pay her and Anita calls over manager Tera. The girls are both furious and say that if he has no money to pay with, he will have to pay in other ways. As the club is now empty they strip him off and bend him over as they put on their strap-ons. Anita goes first to get her revenge for not getting paid and she fucks him hard up the ass while he begs her to stop. Tera is laughing as she flicks his cock with her hand. She then takes over and reverse fucks him, laughing at how far into his ass she can get the strap-on. As Anita takes over again, Tera wanks his cock underneath him - milking him like a cow until he spunks on the floor and her hand....Take a free tour to Girls Abuse Guys

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