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Two girls are kidnapped but escape and fuck their captor as punishment

Ivan kidnaps Natasha and Vanessa at gunpoint and locks them in a prison cell. Little does he realise when he comes to interrogate them that they now have special powers which they use to overpower him. Once he is incapacitated the girls decide to show him who is in control. They strip him naked and then bend him over and smack his ass. They open his ass cheeks and get him ready before sliding a dildo inside his asshole. Ivan is pleading with them to stop but the girls keep going and fuck him with the dildo harder and harder. They swap over and sit him on a chair so Natasha can play with his cock while Vanessa shoves the dildo in and out of his ass. Ivan doesnt want to get excited but his cock has grown very hard and as Natasha pumps it with her fist he starts to cum all over himself wth the dildo still right up his ass!...Take a free tour to Girls Abuse Guys

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