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Two bitchy girls drug, fuck and milk unconscious male

Angel and Sarah are made to work like slaves for lazy Sebastian. They have had enough and one day they drug his vodka so he passes out. He feels like he has entered the 4th Dimension and is having an out of body experience. In fact the girls have decided to take advantage of him and teach him a lesson for the way he has treated them. They strip off and put on their strapons and smack his face with them as if he is their bitch. They then turn him over and pull his ass in the air and take turns to fuck him up the ass while smacking him and laughing their heads off. They violate his asshole in several positions before finishing off with him bent over the sofa with Angel pounding away on his ass. As she does this Sarah reached underneath and wanks his hard cock which soon starts spurting......Take a free tour to Girls Abuse Guys

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