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Trainer feels up female students during class and gets stripped and fucked for it

Ellen and Linda are waiting for their new personal trainer to turn up. Unfortunately, when he does he turns out to be a sleaze and while they are doing their exercises he starts feeling their tits and asses. When he pretends to show them an exercise and starts feeling Ellens pussy, the girls decide enough is enough! They ask him if he really wants to play and tell him they have a sexy game for him. They tie his hands together and blindfold him. Just as the trainer thinks he is about to have sex with two gorgeous girls, he feels something pushing at his ass. He asks them what they are doing but they tell him to shut up and Ellen sits on him while Linda shoves a strap-on up his ass. He complains but the girls take turns to fuck him up the ass in different positions. Eventually Linda wanks his cock until he cums while Ellen is still fucking his asshole!...Take a free tour to Girls Abuse Guys

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