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Tiny penis guy is wearing womens underwear and gets humiliated when three girls find out!

Phil is sitting on the sofa chatting to Paige, Nikita and Honey when one of the girls spots he has a mark on his trousers. The girls tell him to take them off so they can clean them. He is very reluctant and as they pull at his zip they find out why - he has got womens underwear on! Once his secret is out the girls wont take no for an answer and they drag him to his feet, strip him and laugh at the red thong he is wearing. Then they spot how small his cock is inside the panties and cant stop laughing. They pull the knickers down and prod the baby dick and belittle it by saying bless the little thing. They then decide to get some other womens clothes and put a pink dress on him before taking turns to stroke his tiny penis to see if it gets any bigger. The girls are expecting it to get bigger and bigger but before long it ejaculates and they realise that was full size!...Take a free tour to Hey Little Dick

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