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Spin the bottle dare sees unlucky guy getting fucked by two hot blondes

Its Valentinas birthday and her friends Kate and Robin have come round to help her celebrate. They decide to play a game called Spin The Bottle and who ever the bottle points to has to answer a Truth or Dare question. Kate is the first victim and Valentina asks her is she has ever had anal sex and she nods. When the bottle spins again it points at Robin and Valentina asks him the same question. Robin says he has also had anal sex and when Valentina asks him if he wants to have anal sex now, he eagerly agrees. Robin cant wait to fuck this gorgeous young blonde but when she walks back in with two strap-ons he tries to run out the room. The girls stop him and strip him naked before taking turns to fuck his asshole. Robin asks them to stop but the girls keep going, changing places and fucking him in different positions. Eventually Valentina tells him he has been a good boy and she wanks his cock until he spunks on himself as a reward...Take a free tour to Girls Abuse Guys

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