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Secretaries laugh and tease tiny penis boy when they catch him researching penis enlargement

Office workers Kate and Kaicee catch a male colleague reading an e-mail about penis enlargement pills. He insists they arent for him and he was just researching it for a friend but they then find he has written the phone number down so he can ring it later. The girls tell him not to worry and that he can confide in them. They promise not to laugh if he shows them his cock but when he drops his trousers there is a short silence before both girls burst out laughing. Kate says it cant be real and thinks he has put a joke penis down his trousers and Kaicee says she has heard of inverted nipples but never inverted cocks. As the two girls continue to giggle and tease him they get the ruler out and measure just how small it is. They start wanking him to see if it will grow and although the size doesnt impress them, they are quite shocked at how much spunk eventually comes out....Take a free tour to Hey Little Dick

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