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Pool boy gets caught taking a swim and gets fucked and milked by two girls

Simone and Victoria are heading out to the shops and Simone tells her pool boy to make sure the swimming pool is clean for her return as they may wish to take a dip. However, as soon as he hears the front door close he strips off and takes a relaxing swim himself. Unfortunately for him, Simone has forgotten her purse and returns to the house and is furious that he is enjoying her pool and not working. The girls decide to teach this insolent servant a lesson and they bend him over at the side of the pool and fetch their strap-ons. Simone invites her friend to go first and enjoy her servants asshole. The pool boy complains but Victoria slides her strap-on in his ass and starts fucking him while Simone pulls his head down onto her strap-on to keep him quiet. The girls then swap over so Simone can fuck him as well and they finish him off by stroking his cock with a strap-on still up his ass until he spunks all over himself....Take a free tour to Girls Abuse Guys

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