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Pain Loving Secretary

Businessmen in Japan tend to have a sick relationship with their secretaries, partially because they are frustrated at home, partially because they know they secretaries deserve it. Onami had been a secretary for some time now at the office, and had been spared most of the harassment. She was quite disappointed though because she always wanted to be an object of fantasy for men, she always wanted to please men any way she can. One late night she came to her boss with ropes and gags, asking him to tie her up. She couldnt wait any longer, and had to be punished for being such a slut. He obliged and had her lie on his desk while he finished his report. Once done he turned his attention to her. He made sure she thoroughly enjoyed herself, ensuring her return and obedience for a later, more painful session that he had in mind....Take a free tour to Shibari Dolls

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