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Newly promoted women use their new power to get revenge on office groper with a good ass-fucking

Kate and Stefani are fed up with being constantly groped and fondled by their co-worker John. When Kate gets a phonecall from head office she is promoted to be the new manager - in charge of John. When he goes to grab her again the next time she pulls rank on him and decides to teach her a lesson. The two women tell him he has to submit to what they say or Kate will have him sacked. They strip him naked and laugh at his cock before putting on their strap-ons and bending him over the sofa in the office. John has to accept a good ass-fucking from both the women in this position as they laugh and smack his ass and call him their bitch. They then turn him over and lift his legs in the air so they can fuck him and play with his dick at the same time. With Kates strapon deep in his ass and Stefani milking his ......Take a free tour to Girls Abuse Guys

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