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New barman gets fucked and milked by two girls in his job interview

Chantal and Julie are interviewing for a new bartender at their club. Stephan seems to be a good choice but the girls have to make sure he is suitable for the ladies night they have every week where he needs to be naked. The girls tell him he has to take his clothes off so they can check out his body and soon both girls are inspecting his cock, balls and ass from close up. The girls explain that some of their richer customers will offer him money to fuck him but Stephan doesnt understand so the girls decide to show him what they mean. Both girls put on strap-ons and bend him over. Before Stephan knows what is happening he has a strap-on shoved in his mouth and his ass and the girls give him a hard spit-roasting. They then change places so they both get a chance to fuck his asshole. As Chantal gets his legs over her shoulders and fucks him, Julie strokes his cock and soon has him cumming all over the place....Take a free tour to Girls Abuse Guys

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