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Man is captured, fucked up the ass and wanked dry by two girls

Vanessa and Natasha have captured master criminal Igor, who has special powers. They think they have temporarily blocked his powers but when Natasha enters his cell he overpowers her and is just about to molest her when Vanessa knocks him out from behind. Natasha explains that his special powers come from a capsule that is buried in his asshole and the only way to stop them permanently is to fuck him in the ass. The girls get their strap-ons and lift him into a harness and Natasha starts sliding her strap-on in and out of his ass. Igor wakes up and asks them to stop but the girls just carry on fucking him harder and harder. They then take him out of the harness and get him on all fours so Vanessa can fuck him doggie style. As she does this Natasha reaches underneath and starts stroking his cock. Igor tries to hold out but with a beautiful girl filling his asshole and another wanking his cock, he starts to spunk all over the floor!...Take a free tour to Girls Abuse Guys

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