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Male stripper is abused by two girls as soon as he gets naked

Rose and Natalie are having a girls night in with some wine. Natalie explains that she has been chatting to a guy on the internet who wants to be a male stripper so she has invited him round to do a live audition for them. When he arrives the girls are very excited and as he dances and strips off for them they grab his crotch and smack his ass. Once he is naked the girls really lose control and pounce on him, groping his cock and fondling his ass. They are enjoying having this naked man at their mercy and the girls strip off as Natalie gets two strap-ons. The stripper isnt sure about this but the girls dont wait for his acceptance, they push him onto all fours and while Natalie holds him, Rose shoves her strap-on up his ass and starts fucking him. Natalie then takes over and fucks him in the spoon position while Rose fucks his face with her strap-on. Eventually Rose reaches down and wanks his cock until he cums while Natalie is still fucking him!...Take a free tour to Girls Abuse Guys

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