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He owns your Innocence

Nyoko Has always has been a faithful servant to Mr.Mamiyoto, always on time, and always obedient. Mr.Mamiyoto wanted more then just a servant, he wanted a slave. He walked into her room while she was changing and caught a glimpse of her beautiful body. He saw her purity, and wanted to take all of it from her. As the day continued he couldnt stop imaging her young body twisted into impossible ways, until he just couldnt wait any longer. Him and a business partner had her come to them, had her come to her entrapment. She couldnt say no, being a good servant, but you could see the happiness leave her body, and enter those of the twisted fiends who wanted nothing but pain for her, and pleasure for them. They forced dildos into her pussy, forcing a mixture of pain and pleasure. Poor Nyoko wanted to be a faithful servant, but she became a tortured slave to Mr.Mamiyoto and his hellish fantasies....Take a free tour to Shibari Dolls

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