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Guy is stripped, tied to a pole and then ass-fucked while having his cock sucked

Anita and Tera are interviewing for a new stripper for their club but they have some unusual rituals for the guy to go through before he gets the job. First they make Johann do a striptease for them, then they make him wank while they watch. Then they tie him to the pole on the stage and put on rubber gloves! Before the poor guy knows what is happening, Tera is pushing her finger in and out of his asshole. He asks them to stop but Tera gets underneath him and starts to suck his cock while she is fingering his asshole! The blowjob distracts Johann and he almost doesnt notice when Anita replaces Teras finger with a big pink dildo. As she shoves it up his ass and Tera sucks his cock Johann soon loses control and cums all over Teras tits!...Take a free tour to Girls Abuse Guys

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