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Guy is sent to hell where two gorgeous devils will fuck and wank him forever

Jessica and Angel are waiting in Hell for their next victim. When Hugo has a heart attack he arrives in Hell but when he sees the two beautiful girls he thinks he is in heaven. The girls tell him he has been a bad man in life and has got to be punished but he doesnt believe them. When they start stripping him naked he thinks he is going to enjoy being in Hell but they then chain him to a cross and then start putting on strap-ons. Hugo realises he is in trouble but he is chained in position and cant move. The girls get behind him and take turns fucking his asshole, laughing and smacking his ass as they punish him. After they have both fucked him good, they unchain him and get him on the bed so they can fuck him on his back and wank his cock at the same time. Angel decides she wants to fuck him on all fours again as she can get the strap-on deeper in his asshole. As she pumps away, Jessica wanks his cock underneath his body and we soon see him erupt in a big puddleof cum, while Angel is still fucking his asshole! The girls then chain him up again and tell him he has to wait there until his next ass-fucking because this is what he is going to get for the rest of eternity!...Take a free tour to Girls Abuse Guys

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