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Guy gets dumped when his girlfriend and her friend find out his penis is tiny

Two girls are at home chatting about a new boyfriend. Emma asks how big his cock and Krystal brags that her new man is huge. When Emma says she cant wait to meet him Krystal pretends he has gone out of town and she wont get to meet him - just as he walks in! Emma confronts him about his penis size and soon has him stripping off in front of them. As his underwear comes off, Emma sees that he has a very small cock and calls Krystal a liar. Krystal takes her embarrassment out on her boyfriend and starts to abuse him saying she only goes out with him for his money - certainly not for his worthless cock. The girls start playing with his tiny dick to see how big they can get it but they spend more time laughing than being impressed. The poor guy is humiliated but obviously enjoys it and soon starts to cum, making Emma and Krystal laugh even more - right before she dumps him!...Take a free tour to Hey Little Dick

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