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Guy caught harrassing new secretary is fucked by her and his boss

Renata is interviewing for a new secretary and is very impressed with Katie. So much so that she asks her to start straightaway! Renata goes out but leaves Katie doing her work. Renatas boyfriend wakes up and finds a strange girl in the house but when he finds out she is the new secretary he is impressed at how pretty she is and he tries to chat her up. When Renata comes home the secretary explains she wont be coming back again because the guy was trying it on with her. Renata is furious and tells the secretary she will pay her double if she helps her teach her boyfriend a lesson. She pulls out two strap-ons and the secretary looks shocked but soon helps out as Renata pushes her boyfriend over and starts ripping his clothes off. Once he is naked the girls put on their strap-ons and Renata gives her boyfriend the embarrassment of having the new secretary have the first go at fucking his asshole. He asks her to stop but Katie finds it funny that she gets to fuck this guy who tried to chat her up. After fucking him on all fours the girls turn him over and Katie carries on fucking him while Renata sits on his face and forces him to eat her pussy. Once she has satisfied herself on his face she wanks his cock while Katie still pounds his asshole and the girls laugh their heads off as he spunks all over himself....Take a free tour to Girls Abuse Guys

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