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Girls tie a man up so they can strip him but only find a tiny penis to laugh at

Kaicee and Laura sneak into Daves room and tie him to the bed so they can interrogate him. They heard his last girlfriend dumped him because his cock was so small and they want to see it. Dave claims his cock is 7 inches but when the girls pulls his trousers down they laugh their heads off and say its more like 7 centimetres! They start stroking it to see if it will get any bigger but it doesnt impress them. Kaicee gets her tits out to see if that will do the trick and Laura then follows suit, showing off her perfect breasts. This seems to do the trick and Daves cock starts to harden but the girls look at it wondering why it isnt getting much bigger. Kaicee spits on his cock and Laura jokes that her spit is probably a lot more than his pathetic penis will produce. They dont have to wait long as he shoots his load and the girls giggle at his tiny mess....Take a free tour to Hey Little Dick

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