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Female doctor and her nurse conduct a cavity search on a suspected thief

Doctor Simone thinks someone is stealing from her medicine cabinet and when she discusses it with nurse Stephanie they agree that they think it is Mark. The girls call him in and confront him but he says he is innocent. They decide to strip search him and once they have him naked they put on rubber gloves so they can search in his asshole to make sure he hasnt hidden the stolen goods there. They dont find anything and accept he is innocent but it seems that having the girls finger his asshole has turned him on. The girls find this funny and strip off so they can put on their strap-ons and show him what it really feels like to get fucked. They bend him over the doctors desk and nurse Stephanie starts fucking him up the ass while Simone laughs hysterically at him. They then get him on the doctors couch and Simone has her turn at fucking his asshole while the nurse wanks his cock until he cums all over himself...Take a free tour to Girls Abuse Guys

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