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Female dentist and her nurse discover patient has a small cock

A routine visit to the dentists for a check up takes a strange turn when the female dentist and her nurse notice how small Jon is everywhere. His fingers, hands, feet are all small and they cant help but ask him if his cock is small as well. Jon is taken aback but decides to show them they are wrong and that his penis is actually quite big. He pulls down his trousers and underwear and the girls cry out in shock when they see his tiny dick. I have slugs in my garden bigger than that, says the dentist as the two girls laugh and joke at the poor guys expense. They start stroking it to see if it will get any bigger but they arent impressed. Jon eventually tries to impress them by saying how much he cums but when he shoots out one small dribble the girls crack up laughing and humiliate him even more....Take a free tour to Hey Little Dick

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