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Rockstar Julian Flash is in the art gallery to buy a picture for his new mansion. When sexy Gallery assistant Linda realizes who he is she is star-struck and so when he arrogantly asks to see her tits she shows him. Gallery owner Ellen then walks in and is appalled at what is going on and orders Julian out of the gallery but as he leaves he pushes over a picture in anger and breaks it. Ellen is even more furious now and drags him back in to teach him a lesson. The girls wrestle him to the ground and start pulling his clothes off. They bend him over and smack his ass telling him he isnt such a big man now. Then Linda fetches some dildos and as Julian screams for them to stop, they push the dildos up his ass! Ellen sits on his face to keep him quiet as Linda fucks his ass with the sex toys. Then she reaches underneath......Take a free tour to Girls Abuse Guys

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