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Chef ends up getting fucked in the ass by two female students!

Simone and Winnie have invited a cooking teacher round because they need to bake a cake for an important function tomorrow. He starts making the cake and puts in a special ingredient but when the girls taste it the cake is awful. He looks at the special ingredient and realizes he has put the wrong thing in but the girls are really angry now. They believe he tried to poison their guests and are going to teach him a lesson. Simone fetches their strapons and the two girls strip him naked despite his protests. They push him over the kitchen table and take turns to fuck him up the ass with their strapons. He begs for mercy but the girls laugh and just fuck him harder. They get him on the floor and pound his ass in the spoon position. Eventually they get him on his back and Winnie fucks his ass while Simone wanks his cock. He has got really hard and is clearly enjoying it as he soon erupts all over Simones hands and his own stomach!...Take a free tour to Girls Abuse Guys

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