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Burglar is caught and humiliated by three women for having a small penis

When Lucy and Valentina catch a burglar in their house they jump on him and call the Police. When officer Wendy arrives she pats him down to check for weapons but is shocked that she cant feel anything at all between his legs. As the girls outnumber him she decides to drop his trousers and then his underwear to investigate closer and they are all shocked at how small his penis is. Theres definitely no offensive weapons down there, laughs Valentina at the tiny willy. The girls gather round him to study it and remark on how similar it is to a little snail. They start to stroke it to see if it gets any bigger but cant help laughing that bad people like him wer obviously at the back of the queue when God was giving out cocks. As the three of them take turns to wank it the thief loses control and starts to cum which makes the girls laugh even more. Lets get this wanker.....Take a free tour to Hey Little Dick

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